Folk Pixie #1

2016 is an exciting year


2016 is an exciting year in many ways – festivals, recording, travelling – and what better celebration than starting a blog? … so… first up we launched the new album Battlestorm:


Recorded as the Rosie Eade Band (+Steve Matthews on tenor guitar/mandolin, Niall Robinson on percussion/vocals and Simon Stanley on bass/vocals) at the mighty fine Challow Park Studios with Will Biggs and Amy Blyth

And then we ran smack into the UK summer festival season, the peak so far being the Main Stage at the Village Pump Festival (seen here with the queen of acid-folk-fiddle Lesley Conquest , thanks to Joe for photo):


We have one more festival this year, BunkFest Main Stage on Sunday 4th September ( …

… and then I’m off to China for abit. So yeah, excited? Very much so!

Rosie 🙂

Author: folkpixie

Singer, songwriter and science lover.

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