From a Field to Beijing

The highlights of this year had to be our MAIN STAGE FESTIVAL gigs


The UK summer festival season is over, and the cold is tentatively creeping in here in Beijing, so here is a warming reminder of the fun I’ve had this year with the Rosie Eade Band.

The highlights of this year had to be our MAIN STAGE FESTIVAL gigs: The Village Pump Festival, Wilts and BunkFest, Oxon. So a massive thanks goes to everyone who got us there and who came to watch!

The Village Pump is a special place for me as I’ve been going there since I was a kid. It was bands seen here, such as Blue Horses, Sally Barker, and Maddy Prior, that inspired me to play music outside of my bedroom and write songs, so its always been a dream to play The Pump! As with a number of festivals, it’s future has been looking a little rocky, but fingers crossed it will rise up in 2017 stronger than ever. Give them a “like” and help them storm into 2017 All Hands to The Pump (facebook)

Here’s us captured on video:

And then there was BunkFest. We have a growing friendship with Oxfordshire, having recorded our latest album Battlestorm in Wantage last year, and played a number of gigs locally. BunkFest is a picturesque festival in Wallingford, based around a main outdoors arena with lots of nearby local venues joining the fun. This year marked our first time playing the main stage, described as “sonically superb”, and our first time being shown on a big screen! The festival hat in all its glory (acquired after playing Tolpuddle festival early in the year) – Yikes!

BunkFest 2016


And then to Beijing. My hotel room is perfectly well equipped for downtime from science and learning Python: tea, hand luggage ukulele and penny whistle.


And the city is full of delights, with stunning parks, spooky protective animal figures on ancient buildings, and a museum full of scary looking percussion instruments and beautiful wine vessels (essential Christmas present idea folks!).


And finally, after 35 gigs including 7 festivals, I’ll be playing the last gig of the year joining with Folk Rockers Hedgepig (17th Dec, Cambridge) and then it’s on to 2017, March tour, Rochester Sweeps Festival, and onwards we go…!

Rosie 😀

Author: folkpixie

Singer, songwriter and science lover.

One thought on “From a Field to Beijing”

  1. Hiya Poppet, really pleased you’ve had a stunning year. Have a wonderful end to your tour, China is one of the few places I’d want to venture to. Work permitting we’ll try to see you all in Cambs. Much love J L & A xx


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