Beijing On Tour 2017

So… China was so much fun… I’m going back – for the 小玫瑰 tour 🙂


Jan 2017: So… China was so much fun… I’m going back – for the 小玫瑰 tour 🙂

Dec 2016: After a lot of hard working and tourist-ing I finally got down to some music playing in my final week thanks to the lovely folks at Caravan, especially Badr, Kamau, Randy and Shannon for their encouragement at the open mics, gig proffering, and of course wine and g&t 😉

小玫瑰 = little rose, "Xiǎo méiguī"

Caravan is Badr’s quirky music venue with delicious Moroccan food and a fabulous array of drinking delights.  It attracts Beijing locals and passing travellers, and for me it was the perfect start for my continued musical adventures.

Next step? Clearly have to go back, play some more tunes, and check out some more local musicians! So, with a little help from my new friends, a very 小玫瑰 tour is being organised to fit around a trans-Atlantic collaborative musical project and the Chinese Spring Festival Experience!

Sat 21st Jan – Duo with Randy Abel – 69 Cafe, Beijing

Fri 27th Jan – Duo as Abel and Eade – Caravan

Sat 4th Feb – Duo as Abel and Eade – DDC, Beijing

Post-Tour Update:

Gig photos


Holiday photos

From HotPot in Beijing to boat trip and the Tipsy Fiddler Irish Session in Shanghai.

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