Wayfaring Stranger – Official Video

Back in December we set out on a bright and crisp adventure. Our musician/audio-visual friend Tim was in town, we had big plans to produce our first full Abel & Eade video, and we needed a boat! The biggest boat we could find for our heroic minstrel, provided it would fit on our car roof, and more importantly stay on our car roof for the entirety of the spiralling narrow country lanes between Exeter and the coast. Oh and we have to be able to lift it too… in this dress??

Wayfaring Stranger video - the boat

One of the best things about the UK is that we are forever surprised when the weather actually befriends us. Something that Randy has been learning since his move to the UK early last year. We had the perfect day for paddling around in the water, and playing music on the beach which is already one of my favourite things to do. And Tim, with his myriad of cameras and lenses worked his magic all around us, including snapping some promo shots for our 2019 tour.

Traditional American folk-gospel song “Wayfaring Stranger” is the last track on our new album (Hope & Anchor) and is a great example of how the spirits of our folk and americana backgrounds our now jelling (or jamming) together. We wanted to capture the journey of the song, with Randy in the central role, but also the ghostly misty atmosphere of Rosie’s harmony vocals. Filming throughout the whole day meant it was also a true journey through the changing daylight, which was both a blessing and a reminder to not waste a moment.

I know dark clouds will hover o’er me
I know my way is rough and steep
But beauteous fields lie out before me
Where weary eyes no more shall weep

We would like to share our gratitude to Alex Gallacher and Folk Radio UK for publishing the premiere of The Wayfaring Stranger video earlier this year, and to Maverick Magazine for featuring our song on their online music post this month.

Thanks go to Saddles & Paddles for their very generous help when hiring the canoe, to  the Met Office for a spot on forecast to help us narrow down the day of filming, to mum for teaching me that heels are never appropriate, and to Tim Loe himself for being very professional, continually making great use of the changing light, and keeping us focused when I was running out of voom and freezing my freckles off.

Cheers y’all 😉


All photos and video content by Tim Rivers.

Audio track performed by Randy Abel, Rosie Eade and Lesley Conquest. Recorded at Ranscombe Studios by Jim Riley.


Author: folkpixie

Singer, songwriter and science lover.

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