Wayfaring Stranger – Official Video

Back in December we set out on a bright and crisp adventure. Our musician/audio-visual friend Tim was in town, we had big plans to produce our first full Abel & Eade video, and we needed a boat! The biggest boat we could find for our heroic minstrel, provided it would fit on our car roof, and more importantly stay on our car roof for the entirety of the spiralling narrow country lanes between Exeter and the coast. Oh and we have to be able to lift it too… in this dress??

Wayfaring Stranger video - the boat

One of the best things about the UK is that we are forever surprised when the weather actually befriends us. Something that Randy has been learning since his move to the UK early last year. We had the perfect day for paddling around in the water, and playing music on the beach which is already one of my favourite things to do. And Tim, with his myriad of cameras and lenses worked his magic all around us, including snapping some promo shots for our 2019 tour.

Traditional American folk-gospel song “Wayfaring Stranger” is the last track on our new album (Hope & Anchor) and is a great example of how the spirits of our folk and americana backgrounds our now jelling (or jamming) together. We wanted to capture the journey of the song, with Randy in the central role, but also the ghostly misty atmosphere of Rosie’s harmony vocals. Filming throughout the whole day meant it was also a true journey through the changing daylight, which was both a blessing and a reminder to not waste a moment.

I know dark clouds will hover o’er me
I know my way is rough and steep
But beauteous fields lie out before me
Where weary eyes no more shall weep

We would like to share our gratitude to Alex Gallacher and Folk Radio UK for publishing the premiere of The Wayfaring Stranger video earlier this year, and to Maverick Magazine for featuring our song on their online music post this month.

Thanks go to Saddles & Paddles for their very generous help when hiring the canoe, to  the Met Office for a spot on forecast to help us narrow down the day of filming, to mum for teaching me that heels are never appropriate, and to Tim Loe himself for being very professional, continually making great use of the changing light, and keeping us focused when I was running out of voom and freezing my freckles off.

Cheers y’all 😉


All photos and video content by Tim Rivers.

Audio track performed by Randy Abel, Rosie Eade and Lesley Conquest. Recorded at Ranscombe Studios by Jim Riley.



Hope & Anchor – Abel & Eade

It’s been a busy year for Abel and Eade and I’m very excited to share that our debut album “Hope & Anchor” will be ready for release at the end of October 2018.

Hope & Anchor album cover

Having a few gigs in the south-east in May, including the Rochester Sweeps Festival, inspired us to book some time at Ranscombe Studios with the fabulous Jim Riley, where I recorded my debut album “No Fairytale”.

We wanted an album that showcased old and new songs from both Randy Abel and myself, and that captured our international connections and inspiration. An american and an English girl meeting in China at a Moroccan bar … and here we are.

The album cover was put together by Randy, inspired by the many jams we’ve had with the fiddling rock goddess Lesley Conquest on the top of her house-boat, who also features on the album.

Lesley, Rosie & Randy, Boat Sessions, 2017

Hope & Anchor is a song I’ve been meaning to write for a long time, ever since I first spotted the “Anchor and Hope” pub in Trowbridge years ago. It started off being about strong bonds between people who guide each other through rocky times, but then ended up stretching out to the world as a whole and the need to pull together as our Earth changes around us. A theme that pops up through much of the album.

Having met in China, it seemed fun to include some of Randy’s Beijing inspired songs. “Second Bar to the Right (then straight on ’til morning)” and “So She Stays in Paddy O’Shea’s” capture some great moments in Beijing, and have been performed at prestigious events and festivals across China, back in the hay day of the Randy Abel Stable. Moving forward to 2016, “Miss Exeter” was penned on his journey home from Beijing airport as I flew back to the UK after my first visit…

The China link was also the perfect excuse to finally record “The White Fin Dolphin”. Mark Lemon wrote the lyrics for this many years ago, when the Yangtze River Dolphin was first identified as being close to extinction, if not already lost. I wrote the music with folk-rock band Hedgepig in mind, in which both Mark and I played, but I think it fits very well into the americana genre of this album, and the theme of human impact on our shared world. In contrast, “Venice” reminds us of the vulnerability of cities to changes in economics and climate. We’ve given it a more country feel here, than the punk-folk version on my album No Fairytale. Other re-recordings of mine include “Your Face Smiles” and “The Fire”.

“Snow” is the first song I’ve co-written with Lesley Conquest, she writing the lyrics while snowed in on her boat in winter 2018, and me adding the tune while similarly, though less severely, snowed in at home in Devon. This is great fun to play live as we get people singing along. We have more collaborations up our sleeve, so watch this space.

One of the first songs Randy taught me was “Tecumseh Valley” by Townes Van Zandt, and this is the central cover on the cd, and a chance for us to sing in harmony throughout. We performed it at the annual Townes Van Zandt wake in January 2018 at The Old Quarter (Galveston) while we were exploring Texas. Gram Parsons is also a key figure in Randy’s americana music background, so we chose to open our cd with his track “A Song For You”. We end the album with a haunting version of the well known traditional americana song “Wayfaring Stranger”.

Album launch gigs from the South-West to the South-East UK – more on this soon!




Rosie Eade Band – Folk Festival Season 2018

Can’t believe another festival season is over! Starting with the finale, we had a fantastic gig at Priston Folk Festival, and despite being the end of September, it was a glorious weekend. We had Niall Robinson on cajon/vocals, rock goddess fiddler Lesley came across from Kent, and ace guitarist Matt Palmer joined us on electric guitar for what is hopefully not just a “one-off” appearance. We’ve been chatting to the organisers for a few years now about playing, since crossing paths after one of our spots at the Village Pump Festival, so it was lovely to finally get things sorted and hopefully we’ll be back there before too long. Also lovely to catch up with photographer Dave Pegg – see below for some of his handy-work.


We’ve had a few new festivals this summer, and what a hot summer it’s been! Our most local festival this year was Exmouth Folk Festival, playing in the main marquee on a sunny June afternoon. Lesley and I then headed off to Sandwich Folk Festival in July, on the back of playing at Broadstairs Folk Week 2017, with Randy guesting on a few songs too. This is another lovely town based festival, with morris dancing and all sorts going on, including a fine set from Green Diesel who I’ve not seen since I was a semi-Rochester resident, and they even got me up and dancing. which is unusual… Finally, a semi-new festival appearance was at the Trowbridge Festival, thanks to invitation from fab local folk duo Sandy and Graham Ball. Held in the same grounds as the old Village Pump Festival back at Stowford Manor, this feels like a re-emergence of the village pump feel, and hopefully it will go from strength to strength.

Rosie at Sandwich Folk Festival 2018, by Graham Ó Síodhacháin

A sombre moment in the festival season was Ely Folk Festival when my old folk-rock band Hedgepig did our final festival gig before closing down the band in August 2018. We did a rocking set, and even featured on the local news. This was the perfect pre-final gig as Ely was also one of my earliest festival experiences with Hedgepig back in the early 2000s.

Hedgepig at Ely Folk Festival 2018.

We were back at Sidmouth Folk Festival this year too, our third year playing at The Anchor Garden Stage. Wonderful atmosphere, joined in some late evening sessions, and met musicians from far and wide. …and if you look closely, you can see the anchor flags are themed with the upcoming album from my americana duo Abel and Eade…more on that later…

REB at Sidmouth Folk Festival 2018

But of course the ‘summer’ festival season really kicked off in the usual style with Rochester Sweeps Festival back in May. Always lovely to be back in the Flippin’ Frog, and much love to Mélanie and Cyril. We also squeezed in a few extra gigs including the Waters Edge, post-Sweeps Man of Kent, and best of all the Rochester Cheese Room. Free cheese lunch for jamming out songs with friends. Great cow picture too. Lovin’ it! …And we sneaked off to London for the Magic Garden Open Mic to catch up with our awol bass player Simon. Superb!

Roll on summer 2019!


Sixty Six Pixie in Texas — TheSixtySix

I love singing the blues with The Sixty Six, and feel very lucky to have got to spend this Christmas holiday searching out blues singers old and new, from New Orleans to Austin – good inspiration for our next gig Jan 27th Jan at The Blues Bar, Plymouth! I started off in New Orleans early […]

via Sixty Six Pixie in Texas — TheSixtySix

Fallout the Honky Tonks UK Tour – The North


Two months into the UK branch of Abel & Eade and it was time to go on tour. After a couple of friendly local gigs in Devon at Exeter’s Timepiece and Exmouth’s Bicton Inn, Randy and I headed off northward.

First up was The Settle Inn, Stirling. An intimate gig in the back of a lovely pub run by Lesley, it was here we met George who would the next day take us on our first Castle tour of the tour – Stirling Castle. Back in my “other” band, Hedgepig, we sing a number of Scottish battle related songs from this area, so it was great to catch up on some of the local history.

Next up it was off to the Isle of Bute for the holiday part of our tour, with the backing of Hugh Reed and family (of Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants who we gigged with up in Glasgow back in August at McChuills), and a little gig with some excellent food thanks to Brody and his local Scottish Honky Tonk bar.

Randy with Hugh Reed in Glasgow, Aug 2017.

Beautiful weather for rainbows, beach walks, and a visit to Rothesay Castle plus the rather grand Mount Stuart House.

Five days of peaceful quiet rambling, and it was back to the mainland for a gig at the fabulous Falkirk Folk club, opening up for Jefferson Hamer, and catching up with family. This is a really great folk club, with a great range of music – I’ve played here before as the Rosie Eade duo/trio on a couple of previous Scottish tours, so it was a good environment to showcase our new project to some friendly faces. And they all sang along with my song The Fire again, despite me forgetting the words in all the excitement… Big thanks to Charlie for organising this and looking after us for a few days, and for getting us a bonus gig the next day too.

Lots of site seeing in this part of the trip too. We popped to Edinburgh for the day for a quick run round Castle and a bit of trainspotting spotting…

Then it was off to play knights of the round table at Castle Doune with my transatlantic kindred spirit.

The bonus gig was for Kenny at the charming Torphichen Inn, fully equipped with a beautiful Tam O’Shanter mural painted around the walls of the main bar area.

Torphichen Inn, Oct 2017

This turned out to be a double bonus gig, thanks to two lovely locals. First up, local photographer Arran McMillan took us out for a spooky night time tour of the Torphichen Preceptory in our half time break. Then the next day, Graeme showed us around Blackness Castle on our way to Berwick-upon Tweed. And he gave us a special performance on the bagpipes – definitely worth a look and a listen if you are in the area.

The final gig of the tour was thanks to Jaki at The Barrels Alehouse, Berwick-upon-Tweed. A lovely live music venue down by the river, much of which was being careful guarded due to filming that was taking place that week for the Outlaw King. We were joined by a fine selection of welcoming and like minded music lovers who were passing through for the weekend, and this made a great end to a very enjoyable tour. And we’re already planning the next one, so looks like we passed the “2 musicians in a small car for 12 days” test. Few!

Barrels Alehouse, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Oct 2017

Abel & Eade – From Beijing to Exeter

ABEL & EADE_PowerFolkDuoBorder

Abel & Eade: UK-based singer-songwriter duo — English/American alt. country

from Beijing

An idea initially nurtured in the friendly setting of Caravan, Beijing Dec 2016, with Randy Abel of the Randy Abel Stable fame, Abel & Eade properly came to life in Beijing in Jan 2017 (Beijing On Tour 2017).

“In spite of themselves, singer-songwriters Rosie Eade (UK) and Randy Abel (US) build a spirit bridge between their contentious homelands… via China, the Middle Kingdom! Separated by a common language and ravaged by endless television comedy-writing conflicts, America and Britain yet managed to spawn the roots-influenced sounds which gnarled and entwined–rose upon rose and briar upon briar- into the twisted acoustic cluster that would electrify the 20th Century. Being rooted in the 21st, Randy and Rosie speak to and from these traditions with utmost passion and a goodly measure of atunedness. Craftsperson-like, innit?”

Learning songs from one another, a mix of originals and favoured covers from the folk/country genre, led firstly to “The living room sessions” demo recordings, e.g. Tecumseh Valley (by Townes Van Zandt):

And then a number of gigs around Beijing, e.g. here at 69 Cafe – Shadows Cannot Wake (by Rosie Eade), artsy wobbly video thanks to Dan Taylor of The Harridans.

to Exeter

And now, drum roll etc… the “Abel & Eade” project has been brought to the UK!!

Open Mic Marathon

We started off with a marathon string of open mic sessions in July/August thanks to the South West’s marvellous array of hard working musicians:

14.07.17 The Village Pump Friday Folk Club; 18.08.17 Jimmy Ireland and The Sorry Head Open Mic, Exeter; 26.08.17 The Ship Open Mic, Exeter; 28.08.17 Samantics and The White Hart Open Mic, Exeter; 31.08.17 Jake Miller with Grace and Oddfellows Open Mic, Exeter; 01.09.17 Alex Johnstone (of Pattern Pusher) and The Stables Open Mic, Exeter; 02.09.17 Oddfellows Open Mic, Exmouth; 04.09.17 Barnfield Theatre Open Mic, Exeter; 09.09.17 Emily Howard and The Angel Open Mic, Exeter


Leading on to a lovely selection of Abel & Eade summer gigs…

23.07.17 Samuel Jones, Exeter

Samuel Jones 2017
Abel and Eade at Samuel Jones 2017, by João and Maria

29.07.17 The Bicton Inn, Exmouth

11.08.17 Timepiece, Exeter

And some guest spots with The Rosie Eade Band at Sidmouth Folk Week and Broadstairs Folk Week.



07.08.17 We’ve even been played on the local radio, thanks to Classic Country with Doug and Marjorie Parish, Bay FM.

BayFM 070817
Classic Country Bay FM with Doug and Marjorie Parish

and beyond…

Lots more gigs coming up – check out our Abel and Eade Gig List.

Plus a visit to the US is in the pipeline for Dec/Jan. More details to come..!

Rosie Eade Band – Folk Festival Season 2017

I can’t quite believe how quick the summer folk festival season has come and gone.

29.04.17 – 01.05.17 We started out as usual at the Rochester Sweeps Festival  back in April/May. I’ve been playing this since 2009, when I was first joined by Lesley Conquest on fiddle, and we’ve been adding band members ever since. This year we had 4 gigs in 3 days – joined by Steve Matthews, Simon Stanley and Lesley Conquest (thanks to Tracy Patterson for photos).


We very much missed the Village Pump Festival this year, our stalwart July Festival and my favourite part of the summer since being a teenager… We hope they come back in full strength in the future..!

05.08.17 Next up was Sidmouth Folk Week. We first played this in 2016 and were chuffed to be asked back to play the Anchor Garden Stage. This was also the first festival gig with special guest Randy Abel of Abel and Eade. Here we all are, just after watching some pre-gig morris dancing…


And here we are on stage after watching the very lovely folk trio Solasta :


16.08.17 – 18.08.17 A new festival for us this year was Broadstairs Folk Week. Similar to Rochester Sweeps, but by the seaside, we performed “Take the Seagull Eye View” each day for the many seagulls that flocked to watch us, but might have to add an extra verse about their wanton causing of mischief and mayhem. We had 4 gigs in 3 days, joined by Steve, Lesley and Simon, plus a special mid-gig set led by Randy Abel.

Here is a seagull eye view action shot of our final gig of the week at The 39 Steps (thanks to Randy Abel for the photo)

REB 39 Steps Broadstairs

And here is a superb sketch by Wynford Vaughan Thomas capturing our musical spirit.

REB Sketch by Wynford Vaughan Thomas


We have one more festival gig of the year coming up – letting out our more rocky element at Feral Fest 1st-3rd September. This is our chance to let loose Niall on full drumkit, and allow Steve to air his full wah-wah-fuzz-mando experience. Check out the t-shirt! 😀


Much love to all festival-goers everywhere! xx