Rosie Eade Band – Folk Festival Season 2018

Can’t believe another festival season is over! Starting with the finale, we had a fantastic gig at Priston Folk Festival, and despite being the end of September, it was a glorious weekend. We had Niall Robinson on cajon/vocals, rock goddess fiddler Lesley came across from Kent, and ace guitarist Matt Palmer joined us on electric guitar for what is hopefully not just a “one-off” appearance. We’ve been chatting to the organisers for a few years now about playing, since crossing paths after one of our spots at the Village Pump Festival, so it was lovely to finally get things sorted and hopefully we’ll be back there before too long. Also lovely to catch up with photographer Dave Pegg – see below for some of his handy-work.


We’ve had a few new festivals this summer, and what a hot summer it’s been! Our most local festival this year was Exmouth Folk Festival, playing in the main marquee on a sunny June afternoon. Lesley and I then headed off to Sandwich Folk Festival in July, on the back of playing at Broadstairs Folk Week 2017, with Randy guesting on a few songs too. This is another lovely town based festival, with morris dancing and all sorts going on, including a fine set from Green Diesel who I’ve not seen since I was a semi-Rochester resident, and they even got me up and dancing. which is unusual… Finally, a semi-new festival appearance was at the Trowbridge Festival, thanks to invitation from fab local folk duo Sandy and Graham Ball. Held in the same grounds as the old Village Pump Festival back at Stowford Manor, this feels like a re-emergence of the village pump feel, and hopefully it will go from strength to strength.

Rosie at Sandwich Folk Festival 2018, by Graham Ó Síodhacháin

A sombre moment in the festival season was Ely Folk Festival when my old folk-rock band Hedgepig did our final festival gig before closing down the band in August 2018. We did a rocking set, and even featured on the local news. This was the perfect pre-final gig as Ely was also one of my earliest festival experiences with Hedgepig back in the early 2000s.

Hedgepig at Ely Folk Festival 2018.

We were back at Sidmouth Folk Festival this year too, our third year playing at The Anchor Garden Stage. Wonderful atmosphere, joined in some late evening sessions, and met musicians from far and wide. …and if you look closely, you can see the anchor flags are themed with the upcoming album from my americana duo Abel and Eade…more on that later…

REB at Sidmouth Folk Festival 2018

But of course the ‘summer’ festival season really kicked off in the usual style with Rochester Sweeps Festival back in May. Always lovely to be back in the Flippin’ Frog, and much love to Mélanie and Cyril. We also squeezed in a few extra gigs including the Waters Edge, post-Sweeps Man of Kent, and best of all the Rochester Cheese Room. Free cheese lunch for jamming out songs with friends. Great cow picture too. Lovin’ it! …And we sneaked off to London for the Magic Garden Open Mic to catch up with our awol bass player Simon. Superb!

Roll on summer 2019!

Rosie Eade Band – Folk Festival Season 2017

I can’t quite believe how quick the summer folk festival season has come and gone.

29.04.17 – 01.05.17 We started out as usual at the Rochester Sweeps Festival  back in April/May. I’ve been playing this since 2009, when I was first joined by Lesley Conquest on fiddle, and we’ve been adding band members ever since. This year we had 4 gigs in 3 days – joined by Steve Matthews, Simon Stanley and Lesley Conquest (thanks to Tracy Patterson for photos).


We very much missed the Village Pump Festival this year, our stalwart July Festival and my favourite part of the summer since being a teenager… We hope they come back in full strength in the future..!

05.08.17 Next up was Sidmouth Folk Week. We first played this in 2016 and were chuffed to be asked back to play the Anchor Garden Stage. This was also the first festival gig with special guest Randy Abel of Abel and Eade. Here we all are, just after watching some pre-gig morris dancing…


And here we are on stage after watching the very lovely folk trio Solasta :


16.08.17 – 18.08.17 A new festival for us this year was Broadstairs Folk Week. Similar to Rochester Sweeps, but by the seaside, we performed “Take the Seagull Eye View” each day for the many seagulls that flocked to watch us, but might have to add an extra verse about their wanton causing of mischief and mayhem. We had 4 gigs in 3 days, joined by Steve, Lesley and Simon, plus a special mid-gig set led by Randy Abel.

Here is a seagull eye view action shot of our final gig of the week at The 39 Steps (thanks to Randy Abel for the photo)

REB 39 Steps Broadstairs

And here is a superb sketch by Wynford Vaughan Thomas capturing our musical spirit.

REB Sketch by Wynford Vaughan Thomas


We have one more festival gig of the year coming up – letting out our more rocky element at Feral Fest 1st-3rd September. This is our chance to let loose Niall on full drumkit, and allow Steve to air his full wah-wah-fuzz-mando experience. Check out the t-shirt! 😀


Much love to all festival-goers everywhere! xx

Beijing On Tour 2017

So… China was so much fun… I’m going back – for the 小玫瑰 tour 🙂

Jan 2017: So… China was so much fun… I’m going back – for the 小玫瑰 tour 🙂

Dec 2016: After a lot of hard working and tourist-ing I finally got down to some music playing in my final week thanks to the lovely folks at Caravan, especially Badr, Kamau, Randy and Shannon for their encouragement at the open mics, gig proffering, and of course wine and g&t 😉

小玫瑰 = little rose, "Xiǎo méiguī"

Caravan is Badr’s quirky music venue with delicious Moroccan food and a fabulous array of drinking delights.  It attracts Beijing locals and passing travellers, and for me it was the perfect start for my continued musical adventures.

Next step? Clearly have to go back, play some more tunes, and check out some more local musicians! So, with a little help from my new friends, a very 小玫瑰 tour is being organised to fit around a trans-Atlantic collaborative musical project and the Chinese Spring Festival Experience!

Sat 21st Jan – Duo with Randy Abel – 69 Cafe, Beijing

Fri 27th Jan – Duo as Abel and Eade – Caravan

Sat 4th Feb – Duo as Abel and Eade – DDC, Beijing

Post-Tour Update:

Gig photos


Holiday photos

From HotPot in Beijing to boat trip and the Tipsy Fiddler Irish Session in Shanghai.

From a Field to Beijing

The highlights of this year had to be our MAIN STAGE FESTIVAL gigs

The UK summer festival season is over, and the cold is tentatively creeping in here in Beijing, so here is a warming reminder of the fun I’ve had this year with the Rosie Eade Band.

The highlights of this year had to be our MAIN STAGE FESTIVAL gigs: The Village Pump Festival, Wilts and BunkFest, Oxon. So a massive thanks goes to everyone who got us there and who came to watch!

The Village Pump is a special place for me as I’ve been going there since I was a kid. It was bands seen here, such as Blue Horses, Sally Barker, and Maddy Prior, that inspired me to play music outside of my bedroom and write songs, so its always been a dream to play The Pump! As with a number of festivals, it’s future has been looking a little rocky, but fingers crossed it will rise up in 2017 stronger than ever. Give them a “like” and help them storm into 2017 All Hands to The Pump (facebook)

Here’s us captured on video:

And then there was BunkFest. We have a growing friendship with Oxfordshire, having recorded our latest album Battlestorm in Wantage last year, and played a number of gigs locally. BunkFest is a picturesque festival in Wallingford, based around a main outdoors arena with lots of nearby local venues joining the fun. This year marked our first time playing the main stage, described as “sonically superb”, and our first time being shown on a big screen! The festival hat in all its glory (acquired after playing Tolpuddle festival early in the year) – Yikes!

BunkFest 2016


And then to Beijing. My hotel room is perfectly well equipped for downtime from science and learning Python: tea, hand luggage ukulele and penny whistle.


And the city is full of delights, with stunning parks, spooky protective animal figures on ancient buildings, and a museum full of scary looking percussion instruments and beautiful wine vessels (essential Christmas present idea folks!).


And finally, after 35 gigs including 7 festivals, I’ll be playing the last gig of the year joining with Folk Rockers Hedgepig (17th Dec, Cambridge) and then it’s on to 2017, March tour, Rochester Sweeps Festival, and onwards we go…!

Rosie 😀

Folk Pixie #1

2016 is an exciting year

2016 is an exciting year in many ways – festivals, recording, travelling – and what better celebration than starting a blog? … so… first up we launched the new album Battlestorm:


Recorded as the Rosie Eade Band (+Steve Matthews on tenor guitar/mandolin, Niall Robinson on percussion/vocals and Simon Stanley on bass/vocals) at the mighty fine Challow Park Studios with Will Biggs and Amy Blyth

And then we ran smack into the UK summer festival season, the peak so far being the Main Stage at the Village Pump Festival (seen here with the queen of acid-folk-fiddle Lesley Conquest , thanks to Joe for photo):


We have one more festival this year, BunkFest Main Stage on Sunday 4th September ( …

… and then I’m off to China for abit. So yeah, excited? Very much so!

Rosie 🙂